Screwdriver Set – 25 pcs

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Original price was: 64,90 €.Current price is: 54,99 €.

♻️Plastic parts from
100% recycled plastic waste
🔨Robust and made to last
🔩Contains the most common bits
(TX, HEX, PZ, S) & sockets (6, 8, 10, 13mm)
🧲8 magnets hold the case together
✌️Handmade in Germany (Dresden)
💪Make to order!

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Screwdriver set from plastic waste ♻️

This screwdriver set contains the most common bits and sockets you can use in the household, in the workshop or on the go. Whether assembling furniture, doing handicrafts, screwing a bike, or whatever, this sustainable set will help you.
The case is held tightly together by the 8 pressed-in magnets, so it can be taken anywhere and easily opened and closed.
With each set, 265g of plastic waste is recycled and thus protected from the environment. We recycle local plastic waste from residents of the city of Dresden (Germany), which means that the waste is sorted, shredded and recycled directly. This saves transport routes and prevents the garbage from ending up on huge, difficult-to-sort and difficult-to-clean piles of garbage.


  • Case: 100% recycled plastic waste from Polypropylene (5) + 8 Magnets
  • Handle: 100% recycled plastic waste from HDPE (2)
  • 1/4″ bit holder
  • Attachments:
    • 1x HEX2
    • 1x HEX3
    • 1x HEX4
    • 1x HEX5
    • 1x HEX6
    • 1x S4 (0,6×4,5)
    • 2x S5 (0,8×5,5)
    • 1x S6 (1,2×6,5)
    • 1x PH1
    • 1x PZ1
    • 2x PZ2
    • 1x PZ3
    • 1x 1/4″ Adapter
    • 1x TX10
    • 1x TX15
    • 1x TX20
    • 1x TX25
    • 1x TX30
    • 1x 6mm Socket (5mm for USA)
    • 1x 8mm Socket (7mm for USA)
    • 1x 10mm Socket (9mm for USA)
    • 1x 13mm Socket (12mm for USA)

Additional information

Weight 0,45 kg
Dimensions 16 × 6,5 × 4 cm

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5 Replies to “Screwdriver Set – 25 pcs”

  1. I loved the Packaging . It has a lot of bits I use . It also comes all together in one nice case. Would definitely buy again and recommend to others .

  2. Hey, thanks for your great work.
    The build quality is very good and looks very robust. The sustainable aspect is also to be praised.

    Thanks also for fulfilling my extra request. (I had asked for a video of the production which was extra edited by him).

  3. I am very pleased with this screwdriver set. It is comfortable and far more secure when closed than many of my other screwdriver sets. I’ve been using this kit as my everyday kit for a while now and I do prefer it to some of my other kits. It’s definitely going to stay in my tool bag.

    I like that it uses standard bits and I can add, remove, and change these bits to fit my specific needs. The screwdriver is comfortable in hand and provides plenty of torque for most use cases.

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