Why & How

The Plastic pollution problem: In the last 10 years we have made more plastics than we did in the last 100 years. Half of those plastic products are single-use plastics. About 10 million tons of plastic is dumped into world’s oceans every year. Over 80 percent of ocean plastic comes from the land (Dumps->Rivers->Ocean). Fish, birds & other animals takes small pieces of plastic and microplastics directly, with mostly serious consequences. The ratio of microplastic to plankton is already about 1:2. Worldwide we recycle less than 15%.

The e-waste problem: E-waste is the world’s largest growing garbage dump: 50 million tons in 2018 worldwide, increasing every year. Most electronic waste is exported where it is a massive threat to people and the environment.

Watch the video to see the johannplasto-way to recycle:

πŸ‘€ Collection: Clean(ed) plastic waste from PP(5), HDPE(2), LDPE(4) & PS(6) is welcome.
βœ‚οΈ Shredder: Turns 4kg/h local plastic waste with a strong 3kW-motor into 5 or 8mm- flakes.
♻️ Injector: Shoots up to 150ml of molten plastic flakes into nice moulds.
πŸ’‘ First product: Lamp from recycled plastic and electronics from electronic waste.

πŸ’ͺ Let’s minimize plastic & electronic consumption and recycle what’s left and cannot be avoided.

πŸ™ Big thanks to Precious Plastic and the community for all the inspiration & help!